project barendrecht 1

Project Barendrecht : Netherlands

This amazing project has been around for many years and still looks as if it was build yesterday. Can you believe this picture was taken after Rockpanel was already for 12 years on the facade?

Eyot House (Multi Family House) in Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom cladded with A2 (FS-Xtra) in seven RAL colours plus Metallics Graphite Grey and Woods Cherry facade cladding.

Eyot House : Bermondsey, London

Renovation and extension of the Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Germany with Rockpanel Colours incl. ProtectPlus coating

Betty-Greif school : Pfarrkirchen, Germany

Multi-family housing in Winterthur, Switzerland with Rockpanel Colours facade cladding

Multi-family housing : Winterthur, Switzerland

Case study solangen sweden

Multi-unit housing : Solangen, Sweden

Renovation of a Multi Family Housing in Hannover, Germany with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding

Mutli-family housing : Hannover, Germany